nesterowa«Everybody, get on skis» 

Artist: Maria Nesterowa (1897-1965)
Printing year: 1948
Printed as:  lithography
Sheet size: 82.5 x 56 cm
Condition: extraordinary; laid to linen
Publisher: Izogiz (Gosudarstvennoe Izdatelstvo Izobrazitelnykh Izkusstvi) Moscow-Leningrad, 1948


One of the first – if not the first – soviet ski poster after WW II, therefore very rare, by Maria Neste-
rowa-Berzina. She worked in a variety of poster genres. Her best-known works are the 1930s advertising posters she produced for Intourist. With this poster the United Committee for Physi-
cal Education and Sport, subordinated to the Council of Ministers of the USSR, appealed for getting on the skis. The reason was the Soviet Championship in the village Uktus, located in the Ural close to Ekaterinenburg. The represen-
tative teams of the labour union, Dinamo, and of the army, Spartaka, were involved.   back