Le Corbusier’s Original Artist Posters


LC_MNAM_1953LC_Poème_1955Plakat_LC_La-Chaux-de-Fonds_1957          LC_Lyon_1956






Artist posters are posters that visual artists have created especially for a particular purpose. Because they usually make them for their own exhibitions, they are completely free in their design – which of course enhances their artistic value.

The posters which have the highest degree of originality are those for which the artist himself has transferred the image and the writing onto the picture surface and has carried out the printing himself. Posters with the lowest degree of originality are those for which the artist has merely given the printer more or less detailed instruc-
tions as to their execution and has then given him free rein. LC usually gave his lithographer, Fernand Mour-

lot a finished model – in the case of posters usually a collage – and then observed the printing process down
to its minutest detail. The posters are consequently printed using the same process as his mostly hand-signed artist graphics.

In the most cases, the edition size of a poster from the
1950s or 1960s can no longer be determined. But the
fact is that posters of this time were hardly considered
worth collecting and most of them were pasted over
or were destroyed by wind and weather anyway. These
works are correspondingly rare and in high demand
today. LCs original posters at least are now more rare
than some of his artist graphics.   back        → his prints

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