Le Corbusier’s lithographs from 1938 on


Le Corbusier - Les musiciennes, e. a., handsign.
Les musiciennes, 1960; hand-signed, 75 Ex.
La main ouverte 1955
La main ouverte, 1955; 100 Ex., hand-signed
Femmes roses, 1961; hand-signed, 75 Ex.
Le Corbusier - Modulor, 1. Auflage, 1956
Modulor, 1st ed. 1956


By the end of the 1940s, Le Corbusier had produced,
or rather had printed, about twenty works, the later
ones in 1938 printed by the lithographer Fernand
Mourlot. At this point, Tériade, the publisher of his
«Le poéme de l’angle droit», encouraged him to de-
vote himself more to lithography. This reinforced LC
in his determination to make his artistic work known
to a broader public.

The plan already started evolving in the course of World
War II: in the course of the development of the Modulor,
his system of proportions, LC recognized the didactic
potential of correlating graphics. He was very much att-
racted to the idea of finding another medium, besides

his books and countless essays, through which to popu-
larize his own ideas and convictions and at the same
time to increase his visibility as an artist. Indeed, years
later, with his sense of a mission, he wrote to Mourlot
that graphics were «à disposition des gens intelligents et
pauvres (!) qui seraient ravis de payer très bon marchè
un mural de papier à punaiser sur leurs murs».

At the end of the 1950s, he became acquainted with Heidi Weber, a native of Basel living in Zurich. Impressed by his artistic work, Weber worked on making his artistic oeuvre more widely known, and also attended to having further editions of his works printed as well as to the printing of new graphics.  back

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