Le Corbusier’s Rhodoids


Portfolio "Petite 'Confidences'", 1960; 125 Ex., hand-signed
Le Corbusier - Portfolio Panurge (rhodoid-lithos)
Portfolio "Panurge", 1962; 150 Ex., hand-signed









The so-called Rhodoids are lithographs that have been
printed from original works that LC produced using a
special process which he himself developed: he covered
the foil with black paint, into which he etched the motif and in this way created a negative; the play of light and shadow, and the respective reverse, was something which had unending fascination for him as an architect.
A further argument for this process was to find something
modern, which – similar to photography – would not
leave any leeway for the lithographer’s own interpretation
or even falsification in transferring LC’s compositions
onto stone. At the same time, it had to be simple enough
that LC could use it in his Spartan vacation home below
Roquebrune – where he created the works for the port-
folios «Panurge» and «Petite ‹Confidences›» – and still
feel free in his artistic expression.    back

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