Le Corbusiers’s prints

Le Corbusier already produced his first graphic work in 1916 in La Chaux-de-Fonds: «La fontaine de la grande pitié et de la grande tentation à Bienne». It was the beginning of a production of graphics that finally would comprise about 200 mostly hand-signed works – from that time on, until his death in 1965, LC was virtually constantly involved with creating lithographs, engra-
vings, and etchings, printed by the masters of his time.

Excited about making his artistic work known to a broader public in this way, LC here took up all the themes and

motifs that had fascinated him in his search for a syn-
thesis of form. Thus, the graphics are an integral part of
Le Corbusier’s artistic oeuvre, which was as much the source as it was the prerequisite for his architecture.

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Lithographs from «Le poème de l’angle droit», 1955
Color etchings from «Unité», 1965








Lithographs from 1938 on