Le Corbusier, the artist

LC working on «Saint-Sulpice», around 1930
His creative energy was like that of a maniac, he was pheno-
menally productive, creative beyond belief: as an architect
he was a spearhead of Modernity, as a metropolitan and author
a guarantee for furor, as designer the creator of timeless fauteuil

Le Corbusier gained his energy and inspiration for this tour de force
from his art, to which he devoted his every morning over a period

of decades. «It is the key to my existence», he wrote in 1955. Almost
500 oil paintings – many of which are now worth millions – thou-
sands of drawings, hundreds of graphics and tapestrys bear wit-
ness. He let himself be guided «by that which is the most important
value in life»: by pure poetry, «spirit’s creation».

Having specialized in Le Corbusier’s graphic works for many years,
we are able to offer a wealth of works as are hardly to be found anywhere else. Both specialists and collectors also appreciate our catalogue which came out in Spring 2013, which we published on the occasion of our exhibit «Building on Art: Graphic Works by Le Corbusier over Fifty Years», and they especially value the essay on Le Corbusier’s complete graphic output including the reproductions of his earliest work as well as the information on the sometimes numerous and even posthumous editions of his works.     Karin & Tomas Rabara

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